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Welcome to Crow Cabin Cards - your online store for handmade greeting cards for all occasions!

Crow Cabin is situated in the woods on a lazy canal in rural Oregon, and is the birthplace of Crow Cabin Cards.

From the artist: 
"I moved to Crow Cabin at a time when I was dealing with extreme grief and found peace and healing both within the log walls of the friendly cabin and out walking along the canal and in the forests.  In the solitude, with the companionship of my old arthritic dog, Annie, I began to do art again. These cards are the result.

I have always loved both giving and receiving cards. In a world where "snail mail" is seen as too time consuming and something to be avoided at all costs, there is something gratifying and comforting in picking up a pen and taking the time to write down words of affection to send to a loved one. 

Nothing says "you are special to me" better than a handwritten card."

Each one of these cards is unique and handmade with love and care. Much thought has gone in to the design and feeling of each card. They are multi-layered, sturdy works of art that your loved one will cherish!